Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Black Donnellys - Episode 2 Questions


 1. What did Tommy mean when he told Kevin that they both were going "shopping"?

2. What methods did Dokey Farrell use to interrogate people?

3. What had Jimmy done with the corpse of Louie Downtown? 

4. What plan did Kevin Donnelly have to make the corpse disappear? Did the plan work?

5. What did Tommy have to do to the corpse in the end? Did Kevin help him? 

6. What did Kevin want to do with the ransom money? What did finally Tommy do with it?

7. What did Jenny Reilly see at the cellar of Jimmy's bar? What did she do then?

8. Why was Tommy surprised when he entered Nicky Cottero's bar?

9. What did Nicky Cottero tell Tommy?

10. What happened between Jenny and Tommy that night? 

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Black Donnellys - Pilot Episode Questions


1. How many are the Donnelly brothers? Can you name them?

2. What had happened to Jimmy when he was a child? How did it affect him later?

3. How did Joey "Ice Cream" get his nickname?

4. Did the Donnellys have a father? What had happened to him?

5. What things was Tommy good at? What kind of relationship did he maintain with Jenny Reilly?

6. What had Jimmy, Kevin and Séan stolen? What happened then?

7. Why did Jimmy and Kevin kidnap Sal Minetta's nephew?

8. What happened to Séan Donnelly then? Who did it?

9. Did Huey Farrell solve the problem the Donnellys had with Sal Minetta?

10. What things did Tommy do to save Jimmy from death? Who helped him?

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